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Feed mill Tolling Services  
SPCC provides tolling services for feed milling industry. As of today, SPCC has 3 existing complete feed mills open for tolling business located at strategic locations such as Pangasinan, Batangas and Cavite. Plant Capacity ranges from 5 tons per hour up to 10 tons per hour for your mash, pellet and crumbled animal feeds.  This facilities includes an administration building, feed mill equipment, warehouse for raw materials and finish goods, deep well water supply, waste water treatment facility, concrete roadways, guard house and fencing. The feed mill equipment are all in very good running condition and can produce quality feed for your requirement. SPCC is also open for tolling for other milling services such as grain milling, corn milling and rice milling. 
  Rehabilitation Services
SPCC offers rehabilitation of any industrial equipment and or facilities. Such services gives customers an option to restore an existing machine and facility to their original or innovated state instead of buying new ones that would be costly or uneconomical. This maximizes clients existing resources or also can be showcased for potential buyers of their properties.  SPCC is not just restores but also innovates equipment and or facility to produce a better capacity or function depending on the clients’ requirement or needs.
Design and Engineering Services  
With vast experience and know-how on its product lines, SPCC provides design and engineering services to customers that need a proper design for their every applications. SPCC has a lineup of  quality, talented and experienced individuals to assist clients on designing proper equipment and or facility setup.
  Installation and Commissioning Services
SPCC also caters installation and commissioning of any imported equipment or machinery of any client may it be new clients or even competitors. SPCC has a wide range of experience on installing imported equipment and has several partners from local and abroad to meet the requirements of clients. With SPCC, clients can be rest assured that their equipment or facility will meet its designed function and capacity by properly installing, testing and commissioning of every single detail of the facility or equipment. Having SPCC install your equipment, we will guarantee you a better facility and a faster after sales service.